Hey guys, so today has been an incredibly hot day for the UK, yesterday also. I’m currently sat in my very dark bedroom with the fan on full blast in my face. I’m not going to whinge and complain about the sun, because I genuinely feel like I’ve been abroad today. However I don’t think a lot of us are used to this weather, and if you’re up early for work in the morning, you’re probably detesting this weather right now. Don’t worry though – I’ve got your blissful sleep awaiting below…

Turn Off the Lights

Lights create heat, so if possible, make sure if you’re working or reading, that you can supply a smaller light instead of your main ceiling light. I’m currently using my TV and Laptop as a source of light, meh.

Wear Cotton Clothing

You might assume, the less clothes you’re wearing the better, right? Not exactly. Your skin is only going to stick to everything and will obviously make you warmer as you’ll be moving about more. Clothing that isn’t cotton is just going to make you warm and sticky. So make sure to wear loose clothing, cotton enables the skin to breathe.

Dig out the Water Bottle for Cold Comfort

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to fill it with warm water. I still don’t understand how tea can warm you down, well I do, but in my mind, I’d rather be holding a very cold ice lolly instead of sipping on a warm drink. Your body will cool you down when you drink/eat warm things and vice versa for cold items if you wasn’t sure 😉 Fill your water bottle with freezing cold water, freeze it now if you have time. You can then snuggle with this cold water bottle in bed, perfect.

Make use of the freezer

If you have time and you can be bothered, strip your bed sheets and throw them into a carrier bag. Place the carrier bag into the freezer and let it chill for a while. Once it’s chilled enough for you, relay the bed sheets. Whilst this won’t necessarily stay cool all night, it will certainly help you drift off quickly whilst being able to stay cool whilst trying to drift off.

Provide Cotton Sheets

Having the right bedding can help cool you down. Cotton duvets, bed sheets and pillow cases will help you breathe whilst keeping you cool. Light-coloured linens (Egyptian cotton if you have those) are both excellent for promoting ventilation and airflow in the bedroom.

Old School Air Conditioning

This actually works, i swear down, my old boss showed me. In the day, freeze a large bottle of water (the more the better if they’re not large), before you go to bed, place the water bottles infront of the fan and ta-da, you have air conditioning baby! Fans sometimes just circulate warm air, so make use of the fans and good old water.

Cool down your pulses

If you have ice packs or cold compresses available, great. Place these on your on your major pulse points: wrists, neck, elbows, groin, ankles, and behind the knees. I wouldn’t advise sleeping with these as they might dampen your bed sheets and possibly bring on other flu symptoms maybe? Yet they will give you an instant relief.