Today I’m covering a blog post on the Skinny Coconut Oil Review. I absolutely love Coconut Oil and I’ve been on the hunt for a new coconut oil. When on the hunt for the correct coconut oil, you want a product that is completely raw, pesticide free and is cold pressed. This is so you can gain the greatest benefits from it whether you’re going to be cooking with it, applying it to your skin or applying it to cuts, wounds and stretch marks.

First Impressions

I’ve always lusted over the Skinny Coconut Oil brand. I love the packaging, the brand and more importantly, how they’re one of the only brands that deliver the most raw form of coconut oil. Coconut oil has always been known for it’s health benefits, however only in the last few years has it grown tremendously within the Beauty Industry. The Skinny Coconut Oil comes in a range of sizes, however mine is slim glass jar which fits comfortable in my hand. It just looks so tropical and boy it smells like it too! I cannot wait to take it to Ibiza, let’s get into the deets!


As stated above, Skinny Coconut Oil comes in a variety of sizes. Mine is a slim jar that fits comfortably within my hand. The lid is white plastic and it unscrews. If you’re using the coconut oil for cooking purposes, they’ve also listed the “nutrient facts” on the back of jar. However in terms of cooking with coconut oil, I wouldn’t actually look at this part as I know that it’s high in fat, but this fat is not going to harm you. I’ll get into this further below.

What’s so good about Skinny Coconut Oil?

Did you know that Skinny Coconut Oil is the only raw coconut oil in the world? Skinny Coconut Oil use a Nutralock System, which is used for the extraction process of each coconut. Their Coconut Oil is never heated, meaning we get all of the good stuff! No nasty additives, fillers or chemicals are obtained so the only thing in the jar, is literally coconut oil. Heaven.

Coconut Oil in general boosts metabolism, energy and increases mental clarity. Adding to that, hand on heart, it’s the BEST moisturiser for your hair, face and body. After battling with sensitive skin for all of my teen life, I’ve stopped throwing money at high-street products and I turned to natural produce. I wish I found coconut oil sooner because I’ll always recommend it to anybody who’s looking for healthier alternatives. An added bonus for my wonderful vegan lovers, this oil by Skinny Coconut Oil is 100% raw coconut, therefore it’s perfect for vegans and is perfect for gluten-free lifestyles.

2 Months Trial – What Happened To My Skin

I’ve always known that coconut oil is by far, the best produce to apply to everything. Incase you didn’t know, fitness and nutrition fanatics swear by coconut oil as a healthier cooking alternative than cooking oil. I’ve been trialling this on my skin & body. I’ve never felt better. My skin just glows. I apply the moisturiser in the morning and just before I go to apply my makeup, I apply a damp cold cloth to my face and remove the product. It’s important to do this gently. My make-up has never slipped away or has oxidised using this coconut oil.

  • Improves the appearance of Redness on the Cheeks
  • 100% Hydrating
  • Brilliant for treating Eczema
  • Perfect for dry areas on the skin, no matter where they are
  • Smells delicious – no chemical smells or anything over-powering
  • Best product for your skin – completely raw & pestiside free
  • Extremely glossy hair
  • Can be used as a Conditioning Mask for the hair (sleep with it in your hair and wake up feeling beach babe goddess)
  • Perfect for juicy and moisturised lips!
  • Amazing foot cream

In the bullet points above, you can see how one jar of  coconut oil can literally replace so many high-end products. The Skinny Coconut Oil provides results and happiness. I’ve experienced all of the bullet points, it’s worked for me – it will work for you!