Lancome Tonique Douceur Review

Today I will be reviewing part of my weekly cleansing routine. The Lancome Tonique Douceur is one of my favorite products, and has only been a fairly recent purchase.

The problem I typically face when I am switching products is that not every product is designed for sensitive skin, and that sucks. From cleansers to liquid foundations – I have always faced problems. From battling flaking skin to excess oil, I was seeking a toner that I could use weekly and this has been the toner for me.

Like most people, I like to switch between brands. That doesn’t mean I fall out with a beloved product, I am just flexible with trying out new products. I believe this is because I was hooked on MAC Studio Fix Liquid foundation for a long time, then came the Estee Lauder Double Wear and of course, I converted (just for a little while).

Through the warmer months, I deal with oily skin and then in the winter I deal with dry skin particularly around the nose, center of the forehead and the chin. Obviously not singled out there because the majority of females deal with this. Yet I decided to find a toner that was suitable for a weekly cleansing routine.

I didn’t even read the reviews like most of us beauty bloggers do, simply because this purchase was an act of Impulse (naughty!) I normally do read a couple of reviews over, yet I’ve been put off so many times before with products due to reviews, I thought I would try this for myself. I’ve also realised that a lot of people have different experiences due to their skin types and opinions.

Lancome Toner Tonique Douceur Review

The one and only thing I don’t like about the Tonique Douceur is that it doesn’t come with a pump, and the lid just screws on and off. I have the largest size of the toner and filling the center of the pad with enough in one dab turns into any ones nightmare – wastage of the product. It’s a good job it’s applied once a week!

The Toner comes with the saying “quality over quantity”

The one thing I absolutely LOVE about this toner is the smell – my lord this smell is on another level! You know when you take products on holiday, or perfumes for example and when you come home you smell them again and it takes you back? This product does this for me. However I have never took this product on holiday, therefore – this is heaven for me. The fragrance to the toner is just so cool & refreshing. It does leave a slight tingle on the skin as soon as it’s applied, however when I bought this in store, the lady assured me that it was just taking effect.

If you have combination/sensitive skin, I recommend this. I can’t say that it would effect any other type of skin seeing as it was perfectly fine for my combination skin. This is a really good toner for soothing redness in the cheeks as well. Usually I would recommend some Aloe Vera for my cheeks which helps eliminate the redness & is also a great overall product for doing the “all-rounder”.


If you’re not sure what your actual skin care type is, check out the image below.

how to identify your skin type

Prices vary per size, but this 400ml bottle was £27.95. Seeing as this was my first time buying this product, this was an incredibly risky move and could have turned out pretty dumb on my behalf, but hey! This was on pay day and I felt like treating myself.

Overall, I love this product. It’s advised for a weekly treatment (especially sensitive skin) because it’s a stronger toner. I like to apply this on a Friday and a Monday. You could say those days are very few apart, yet Friday is key for me because on the weekends I tone down a lot on make-up so I feel that this is a great day for removing the whole week! I apply the Tonique Douceur on a Monday because I generally dislike Mondays. I am a fairly positive person but really I believe that Mondays should be off duty, I want my bed & netflix still!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please ladies do your research before buying a product, especially if it’s online. However, don’t always just trust the reviews that you read – they could be true in majority but please make sure that if someone’s had a bad experience with it, try and find out why. It may just have been that it’s a problematic product for their type of skin.


Happy Blogging x



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