Nutribuddy are a growing company in the Fitness & Nutrition Industry. Their main goals are to create the most natural, effective and healthiest products on the market, in which will assist you in your weightloss journey. However, I’ll let you read into NutriBuddy and find out for yourself. Today I have an exciting “first impressions” post which is all about their Weight Loss Kit. My Ibiza trip is coming and I’m so excited to share this with you guys!

I contacted NutriBuddy and basically, asked for help. I needed my butt kicking into gear and I was sick of making excuses. For some reason, I felt that an actual kit would motivate me, and it surprisingly has done. In return for them helping me get into shape, I in return, said that I would write a review on their products. So I must note, this is not a paid advertisement, however I’ve been sent free samples as a reimbursement. None of the information listed has been scripted, my honest thoughts are only listed.

Delivery & Packaging

Within 2 days, my NutriBuddy Weight Loss Kit arrived in the post! It came in a medium sized box and inside, was my bundle of joy. No fancy packaging was needed for this, I’m actually more bothered about the products inside. In my weight loss kit was a shaker, protein whey, a recipe book, a motivational/tips book, hunger fix capsules & multivitamin capsules.

I was amazed with the packaging. It screams summer vibes. I loved the sunset colours blended into capsule packets which are followed with a white block, with bold text. The shaker is light and it comes with a wrist band, either way it’s just easy to carry on one finger when you don’t have any spare hands! The recipe books are light and don’t over-load you with information, they have just enough information in for you to understand the core basics of weight loss. When I say core basics, I mean the most important information for beginning your weight loss journey.

Yay my @nutribuddyuk weightloss kit arrived! I'm off to ibiza in September and I seriously need to kick my arse into gear !!! 😤 enough is enough! I've had my multi-vitamin capsule this morning, my hunger curving capsule and a chocolate protein drink (with water) 😋 the chocolate whey protein is the BEST I've ever tried! It's not flavourless, too thick or hard to mix… it's just right and I drank the whole freaking shake 😶 just took my present 🐷 pictures and i can't wait to take 👙 body ready pics in a month's time! 👌 let's do this! 💪 #nutribuddy #nutribuddyuk #nutrition #fitness #healthy #breakfast #fitspo #weightloss #skinny #determination #food #bikini #beachbums #protein #mealprep

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First Thoughts

I was amazed with the summer vibe packaging as stated, but I was also amazed with the products. I think the reason why I’ve give up before in the past with my weight loss goals is because I’ve lacked motivation. I work around 15 hours a day therefore even though I manage a time schedule well, my food and exercise regime always goes out the window. One thing that really opened my eyes with weightloss, is that I am what I eat. I’m so bad for snacking and I’m so bad for sticking to regular meal times, however I knew that with my protein whey, I could tackle my snacking by having a meal replacement.

Protein Whey Impressions

I freaking love this stuff! I am honestly, so impressed. I’ve tried various protein whey powders, and even some of the high-end products have not got a mark on this one. The majority of them have either tasted too powdery, tasteless or have been hard work to mix. I make my protein shake with water as I don’t typically like Milk. I also find that water enables the protein to mix a lot better and faster. Maybe that’s just my experience. The flavour isn’t over-whelming, however it’s not completely tasteless either. It works for me!

Hunger Capsules

Now, this is a tricky one for me. I’ve always been associated with mind over matter on the majority of things. For example, If I start taking a certain capsule for a certain reason i.e. digestive support, I will automatically be thinking “my digestive system will now start behaving in better tact”. Simply because I have sourced something to assist me. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to eating healthier, I’m not expecting major weight loss within a week. However, I know that will come with time and effort.

So obviously, when I took my first NutriBuddy Hunger Capsule, I was thinking “This might prevent me from unncessary gauging and over-eating at meal times”. So from that, I can say that within the first few days, I really noticed a difference in my eating patterns. Not just that, but I’ve also been educating myself on different foods and nutrients, so I’ve really been trying to battle my war against unhealthy snacking.

Protein Shaker

My little shaker came in right handy when I was out and about. I was able to strap this onto my wrist and freely enjoy my walking. However I must be honest, I carried it the majority of the time due to habit, I like holding things knowing they’re secure, LOL. As if i was going to miss this falling off my wrist. This shaker has been one of the best I’ve used. It’s so secure and I had no leaking problems with it. It’s not bulky either making it perfect for out and about adventures.

Recipe Book & Product Information Book

These compact books are brilliant. When they arrived within my Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit, I was impressed. I tend to be good at turning Jargon into simple language to clients, however sometimes the food and weightloss industry bogs me down with unnecessary information. Not to mention, do we really know the facts about everything we eat? In each book, their are simple explanations. Not lazy ones, but to the point descriptions making your weightloss journey a whole lot simple.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried the Nutribuddy Weight Loss Kit Review.

Happy Monday!