How Bloggers and Customers can help you Curate Images for your Brand on Instagram

Instagram has become a major social media platform over the last few years. Whether your business is small or large, Influencers and Customers on Instagram might already be doing your marketing for you.

Instagram has become a platform of inspiration for thousands of users around the world. Whilst they’re planning their next trip they might be searching for the best restaurants in that area, the best hotels to stay at or even where they can grab a donut that is simply out of this world.

A lot of individuals and businesses who do not have a marketing department in place are possibly unaware of how popular their brand is on Instagram. L et’s take a look at this brand @poqetdonuts:


Poqet Donuts don’t have a huge following on Instagram, but check out how many many amazing posts their customers are uploading to their own accounts!

This is how brands apply Instagram Content Curation. Their customers are taking photos of their produce, mentioning them in their posts and are taking real pride in their latest purchase. When customers, bloggers and influencers upload photos of a brand, this is the best form of marketing a company will ever receive. It’s costing them absolutely nothing.

Gold standard copywriting is not enough any more, people want to see real proof of how amazing your brand claims to be. The most interesting part is that amongst the top posts, small brands like Poqet Donuts have major Influencers coming into their stores and buying their donuts. Below is a key guide on how brands can use Instagram to Curate their images:

Always credit the user

When a user gets featured on a brands Instagram page, it’s an amazing feeling. However, it’s not an amazing feeling when they’re not mentioned in the photo. This is stealing and it’s blatantly rude, it will not create a good image for your brand and you should always ask for permission and mention/tag the person who has credited the photo.

Be Inspiring

It’s important to note that people who follow your account either love your brand already or they’re seeking inspiration. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, inspiration can be found in everything. When creating the perfect feed for your Instagram, the key question to ask yourself is “Will people be inspired by this? Will this post move them in some way?”

Hashtags aren’t the enemy, they’re your friend

Nobody wants to see 34 hashtags on your photo. It looks spammy and it’s unprofessional. However sourcing a handful of the most popular hashtags that are of relevance to your photo, will bring you an increased rate of engagement.

Every time you hashtag a photo, it’s going to be indexed as part of a large gallery which will be viewed by users around the world. It’s an incredibly smart and easy way of gaining brand awareness, potential leads and interest of course.

Schedule your posts & make your Instagram a priority

So you’ve created an amazing feed and it’s off to a good start, what’s next? You must keep your Instagram updated in order for it to grow and to keep your users engaged.

Social Media Marketing is becoming a vital tool for all companies since it’s free, your customers are using it and it’s a cost-effective method of sharing all of your news, latest updates and exciting announcements.

Plan your Photos Carefully

If you own a business that involves creating something from scratch, show it off to your followers. People are always keen to see images from “behind the scenes”. Whilst your followers might want to see a video or a photo of i.e. one of your staff members creating a donut, their is a fine line.

It’s recommended for users to create separate accounts in order to keep your feed relevant to your followers. Whilst you might have something amazing to say about your staff do at Christmas, your followers might not want to see that and are sadly, very easy to lose interest in following you.

Whilst there are lots of other ways you can manage your Instagram, these are some of the most simple and time-effective methods.

Whilst it’s just as important to upload and create amazing photos credited by yourself, curating photos for your feed is no longer a time-consuming task once your brand gains recognition on Instagram.