“What Should I Charge for Writing an Article?” is what new freelancers generally question. Whilst it’s okay to compare prices to get a rough idea of what’s reasonable, you should only use those prices as guidelines. Content writing has gone through the roof in the last few years. More companies and individuals are seeking freelancers to write their content for them, but do you know how much you’re actually worth?

Probably not, and that’s why you’ve found yourself on this article. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with that and you’re going to find out who much to charge for writing an article in this very blog post. I’ve worked for a specialist SEO agency where I created content for major companies across the UK. I’ve also been a Freelancer for the last two years and believe you me, their is a huge difference between the two in regards to what clients are after and how much they’re willing to pay.

You’re not a FREElancer, you’re a FEElancer

First up – just because you’re not a “professional company” doesn’t mean that your skills are worth next to nothing. Freelancing has major benefits. You can choose when and where you work, who you work with, select projects based on your skills and earn quite a bit of money from it. Yet what is surprising is that companies and individuals want perfect results, but aren’t willing to pay the price.

A lot of professional content writers avoid Freelancing sites, because they’re full of insults. For example:



Okay, I’ve broken the project down for you. Don’t get me wrong, £15.77 to Indian freelancers is like a £100 for European & American freelancers. However, they’re asking that the freelancers must have a qualification in order to bid. So already, I can see that they’re after quality and the price doesn’t fit.

The “start-up company” mention already explains the price, I’m well aware that start-up companies are usually strapped for cash.

However content writing services are just as frustrating as SEO services. Most businesses don’t know what SEO will do for their website, therefore they’re not prepared to invest and pay the actual cost of good SEO. Why should they when freelancers claim they’re “specialists in SEO” when for the majority of the time, they’re not even qualified and are using Black Hat SEO methods. Yet this is for another article.

Referring back to the project above, I guarantee that the person who gets accepted for that project is from a third-world country. I do feel sorry for them. It’s all over the Internet that Indian “professional writers” are incredibly cheap, some who are charging less than a dollar/pound an hour. However to their country, that is of good value and it’s worth the work. Some of them are incredibly talented, especially in HTML & CSS. Yet when companies see these rates, they expect everyone to be that cheap and it doesn’t work that way!

My point is – if you’ve just started writing and you’re trying to build a portfolio, grit your teeth and bid for it in the hope of getting accepted. However, move on to another project afterwards that pays a little more and so on. The more credit and positive feedback you get for your projects will eventually be able to show you that you’re worth more than £10 an article.

Choose the clients who you’d like to work for


The screenshot provided above was found on another freelancing site called Upwork. This person is asking for Expert level of writing, and is willing to pay $10 for 500 words. Therefore, the client wants exceptional content but doens’t want to pay the price, or doesn’t simply have the funds. To be fair, this person might not know what the cost of quality content costs.

Word Count Is Irrelevant

Anyone can fill a page with words, but what purpose is it creating? When somebody asks a freelancer to create an article of 500 words, it doesn’t make any sense. At first I thought It did. I would create a blog post for somebody, and then I would do a word count and notice it was a hundred words under the expected word count.

I was then trying to slot more information in. It didn’t need any more information and it’s just pointless. Hence why I charge prices for articles based off topics. For example, if somebody approached me and asked me to create a “How To” guide, then I wouldn’t charge per word. I would charge for that type of article, because it would provide a purpose, links and would need research.

I was thirsty for my first gig, thirsty for my first amazing review and wanted my passion for writing to take off. 

On a lot of forums and blog comments, people ask others “What should I charge for writing an article?” and you will see an allround debate between freelancers around the world. People will agree that on your first gig you will under price yourself. I was always asking myself “I know I’m worth more than this, but maybe I should lower my price because that’s too much”.

I used to question myself because I used to work for an SEO agency, and my manager at the time told me that I could be a very successful journalist one day If I wanted to be. That comment put me on cloud nine for months as you could imagine. I also noted what clients were paying for, and since I was creating that content, I thought I’d charge similar rates seeing as It’s no different than them going to a company and paying for it.

It was only until one day, a lady approached me and asked me to create her content for her website. I was told by her that she had various bad experiences with content writers, and her website was effected by it. I offered her my article writing services for her whole website, and since then she’s become a great client of mine.

That’s when I realised my worth, and that’s what a lot of writers tell other writers/freelancers on forums.

We start out trying to figure out what were worth, and then we finally meet somebody who is prepared to pay the price for quality content writing services. From that day, you won’t ever want to under price your services again.

How Do I make my Freelancing turn into a Highly Paid Business?

This is the golden question. It is possible, but it takes time and it’s hard work.

If you’ve been able to create a portfolio, whether it be small or large, you’re already onto the path of success. Guest blogging is one of the most popular ways to increase your online presence. Not only is it an option, I see it as a requirement if you want to make your writing career full time.

Whilst you might class your content writing skills as exceptional, a client needs to see this. If you take the time to craft an article that has the potential to be featured in a major magazine, what does that tell those clients? That you’re a damn good writer. This is the icing on the cake. Everybody wants exceptional content on their websites, so this is your time to shine.

Ghost Blogging and Guest Blogging are NOT the same thing

Ghost blogging is something I’ve never done, and it’s simply down to pride reasons. If I’ve created an article for somebody, I want to be paid for it or I want to be mentioned and credited. In ghost blogging, you’re not mentioned at all. You’re usually paid for it, but for me it doesn’t offer the same purpose as article writing.

Guest blogging on the other hand is basically giving you a chance to show off your writing skills, style and build relationships with people around the world. I’ve known people who have had their articles accepted by the likes of Forbes and that is a major achievement. These people can now charge what they want for their articles, due to the fact that they’ve contributed to Forbes. This applies for the likes of Rolex, they can charge what they want for their watches because they’re at the top of the food chain for luxury watches. People will pay the price, because they want the brand and the name.

It takes time to build any business from scratch. If you’re just venturing into the writing world and you want to take it to the next level, then get freelancing! If you have no work to show, you will have to go for the lower projects at first, but don’t always stay at the bottom. Be sure to protect yourself in freelancing to make sure you don’t get scammed, and also, enjoy it!

Writing full time offers so many benefits, and opens doors you never thought you’d be walking through. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you’d like any freelancing guidance, my article writing services or you’d like to ask any questions.